Tiffany Construction Company

Meet the Team

Jason Johnston Foreman

Experience: 20 years
Years with Tiffany Construction: 17 Years

During his tenure Jason has worked almost exclusively at the Intel and PVNGS projects.  His ability to lead crews safely and efficiently while accomplishing any task assigned him has made him a proven asset to the TCC team.


Pepe Avena Superintendent

Experience: 34 Years
Years with Tiffany Construction: 15 Years

Pepe has an extensive background in building subdivisions and has recently completed numerous mass earthwork jobs and complicated excavation projects at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.


Cesar Avena Superintendent

Experience: 36 Years
Years with Tiffany Construction: 11 Years

Cesar is responsible for all TCC construction activities at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station including deployment of crews and equipment, procurement and general supervision of all projects at the plant.


Chuck Koontz Project Manager

Experience: 33 Years
Years with Tiffany Construction: 6 Years

Chuck has over 25 years experience in structural and precast concrete and joined the TCC team as a project manager at the Palo Verde site.


Joe Reay Foreman

Experience: 38
Years with Tiffany Construction: 7

Joe Reay has 38 years of construction experience in earthmoving, such as subdivisions, earth dams, heavy highway, storm drain, channel work, along with County and City development.