Our Safety Procedures

tiffany safe

At Tiffany Construction, we are fortunate enough to employ over 100 skilled professionals to manage our wide variety of construction services throughout the entire state of Arizona.  Because the field of construction has been classified as a high-hazard industry by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), we thought we’d discuss the steps in which we take to maintain our team’s safety, as well as that of the public’s.

Pre-Job Briefings

Prior to beginning any job, regardless of whether it’s simple or complex, we always take the time to debrief our team.  During debriefing we discuss in great detail the planned shift activities, identify potential hazards and answer any questions the team may have.  This ensures the project is completed in strict accordance to our safety procedures.

Environmental Safety

As an Arizona construction company, we work hard to ensure our team does not become overheated, and are careful to observe the construction site for any potential hazards that may be lurking nearby.  To prevent heat stroke, plenty of water is made available to the team, and a mandatory schedule of breaks is set up.

Head Protection

Among our safety procedures, is the universal rule for covering your head while on the job site of which all of our employees and subcontractors strictly adhere to.  Whether they are on the ground or operating any equipment they must use a hard hat.  This protects them from any falling objects, head bumps, exposure to electrical hazards and more.

Safety Awards

At Tiffany Construction, safety is our top priority!  This is evidenced in our low EMOD rate (0.78).  Project owners, HOA’s and the public have expressed praise for our strict adherence to safety practices as well as the assurance of meeting their needs.  Over the years we have gained numerous safety awards as a direct result of these measures.