Tiffany Construction Company



Glendale Municipal Airport
George R, Renner, Mayor

“Thank you for the excellent service that Tiffany Construction Company provided throughout Phase One-Site Preparation at our new municipal airport. I have been advised by both our engineering and airport departments of the personal interest and dedication exhibited by Tiffany’s personnel. Their extra effort insured a quality job beyond the strict letter of the contract.”

TCC’s services [which include pre-construction, construction/project management, design-build and general contracting] can be customized to fit your needs and your budget, no matter what the project scope. When you choose TCC, you choose a highly experienced construction contractor. TCC is known for adding value, superior workmanship, and fiscal responsibility. Your project will be built to your complete satisfaction. TCC provides advice on all or part of the project cost, minimizing the risk associated with having an incomplete scope of work during pre-construction. The final cost, however, remains with you, as all project costs are typically reimbursable.     

Pre-construction Services 

When Tiffany Construction’s project team is engaged to provide pre-construction services during the design phase, clients receive valuable input when the most critical project decisions are being made about their projects.

Self Performance / Experienced Manpower

Tiffany Construction employs over 100 skilled individuals state-wide and maintains the ability to assemble and deploy multiple crews to multiple locations simultaneously. Our superintendents are experienced in managing multiple crews, subcontractors and suppliers while producing quality work safely and efficiently.  The versatility of our superintendents and crews allows us to successfully meet the schedules and budgets of our clients.


We maintain a modern fleet of heavy construction equipment with GPS technology. Our specialized equipment allows us to provide rock trenching, on-site rock crushing and screening, and recycling of rock material.

Scheduling & Client Communication

TCC has networked, computerized estimating and scheduling software to assist our construction team in project management. We have a detailed accounting system for cost tracking and construction documentation. Based on our experience on other projects, we are confident we can provide comprehensive services to successfully complete a variety of  projects within the required budget and schedule.
Our comprehensive experience with planning, scheduling and accurate estimating is vital to the success of all projects. With Tiffany Construction, you will have a partner that cares about the project, safety and the public. It is important to us to maintain our reputation for quality work at a fair price and ensure that our clients will want to recommend us to others. We have experienced, well trained supervisors, operators and pipe fitters that work together with our dedicated project managers utilizing modern technology and equipment to streamline every project. Our proven 89 year track record shows our ability to perform reliably and resolve any problems or disputes with fair, open communication. Honest and open communication is vital to the success of a project. In addition to communication, TCC has construction procedures that help ensure partnering occurs throughout the project(s). We provide submittals and alternatives that may ensure better quality or faster delivery. We provide written estimates, schedules and test results so that construction costs, timelines and quality are well documented. Weekly on-site meetings with the project owner and inspectors establish a relationship that will assure them of quality workmanship. Any changes or corrections that may become necessary will be discussed and attended to promptly. These weekly progress meetings along with our daily production/activities reports mitigate both scope-creep and insure any disputes are resolved at the field level.

Insurance / Bonding

Our bonding company has a rating of A- or better and will provide a statement describing the company's bonding capacity based on the parameters of each project. We have never had any claims filed against our performance or payment bonds on any projects, or at any time during our long history.