Tiffany Construction Company


Under a Construction Manager At Risk contract, the client secures the services of a construction manager to work with the design team and, depending on the client’s needs, with trade contractors and suppliers. This early collaboration promotes effective project coordination and communication from the start, creating an environment for success. TCC is a flexible construction company that will operate under various contract types and fee structures (e.g., cost plus, guaranteed maximum price, percentage fee, and fixed fee) to meet the client’s needs. 


As construction manager, TCC applies its knowledge of construction costs, schedule, and market trends to help ensure the project is executed within your fiscal guidelines. TCC’s goal is to value engineer projects to find alternative construction methods and materials that will result in quality enhancements, serviceability, and life cycle improvements. TCC provides advice on all or part of the project cost, minimizing the risk associated with having an incomplete scope of work during pre-construction. The final cost, however, remains with you, as all project costs are typically reimbursable.     

TCC is a construction contractor ideally positioned to offer statewide CMAR services

Representative Projects:

Harmony Windsong

Chapel Sewer

Kachina Sewer

Uptown Enhancement